Successful content strategy projects start with a thorough assessment of the current state of all content assets – their quantity, type, and quality. Beginning with a data-rich content inventory and layering in a qualitative assessment, the audit process allows content owners and business stakeholders to make informed decisions.

Content Audits and Inventories, by veteran content strategist Paula Land, shows you how to begin with an inventory, scope and plan an audit, evaluate content against business and user goals, and move forward with a set of useful, actionable insights.

This practical, tactic-filled handbook walks you through setting up and running an inventory using an automated tool, setting the stage for a successful audit. Specific audit tactics addressed include auditing for content quality, performance, global considerations, and legal and regulatory issues. You will also learn how to do a competitive audit and incorporate personas into an audit. Tips on presenting audit results to stakeholders will help you deliver effective strategies.

Paula Ladenburg Land

Paula Ladenburg Land

Content Strategis

Paula Land is a consultant and entrepreneur. She is founder and principal consultant at Strategic Content (, a Seattle-based consultancy specializing in content strategy, user experience, and taxonomy. Paula is also co-founder and CEO of Content Insight (, a software company that developed the Content Analysis Tool (CAT).

Prior to building her own businesses, Paula was Content Strategy and User Experience Lead in the Seattle office of Razorfish, a major digital agency. Before that she was Information Architect at Microsoft and held editorial management positions for various publishers.

Paula specializes in the inventory, audit, and analysis of digital content and consults, speaks, and writes frequently on the topic of assessing and improving the quality, discoverability, and usability of information.