Rachel Lovinger has worked in online publishing, website development, and content management since 1999. She started out making and organizing websites for Time Inc. At Razorfish, she helps clients face the future of digital content. Rachel is dedicated to exploring a future where information is efficiently structured and connections easily discovered.

I’m an Experience Director at Razorfish, and an internationally recognized thought leader in the emerging discipline of Content Strategy. I’ve worked in online publishing, website development, and content management for over 17 years. In my project work, I’m dedicated to exploring a future in which information is more efficiently structured and connections more easily discovered. I regularly work on public-facing and enterprise projects, developing content models, metadata strategies, and overall content strategies for websites, apps, and next-generation knowledge-sharing platforms. I’ve worked with clients in publishing, technology, financial services, automotive, and philanthropy, among others. 

I’m passionate about content and metadata. I know the information is out there. I want to make sure that people find what they’re looking for, and know how to recognize it when they find it. I want to help design and use systems whose primary purpose is to enable us to create, understand, & use content and data meaningfully.