Michael Boses pioneered the simple capture and multi-platform delivery of personalized content and continues to drive innovation in the content community. His success with large content initiatives has led many to consider him an authority on how to make web content creation seamless and efficient in an enterprise setting. Michael Boses is an enterprise software expert whose experience bridges technical leadership, large-scale project delivery, and product management.

  • As a technologist he specializes in simplifying the complexity of large-scale software architecture and optimizing the creativity and output of development teams. 
  • As a project leader he focuses on successful implementation of emerging technology for enterprise processes.
  • As a product manager he has used this combination of customer knowledge and technical acumen to analyze markets, overcome entry barriers, and create sustainable competitive advantage.

Michael’s track record includes the leadership of numerous large-scale projects in government and industry and the co-founding of two software companies that were acquired after becoming market leaders. Multi-industry domain expertise includes petrochemical, life sciences, central government, financial services, defense intelligence, and high-tech manufacturing.