Mark Lewis is a content strategist, content engineer, speaker, author, and STC Fellow.  In his book, DITA Metrics 101, Mark proves the value of moving static content to XML and intelligent content. He is recognized throughout the industry for his ability to build clear business cases that show the alignment of content strategy with corporate strategy.

His experience spans a variety of industries including life sciences, finance, aviation, education, and oil & gas. He started the DITA Metrics community to promote the sharing of metrics, ROI, and case studies. Mark’s cost models offer a framework to show the savings possible with an intelligent content approach. He shares his latest research in his STC Intercom column “Metrics.”

He is a contributing author of DITA 101 Second EditionThe Language of Technical Communication and The Language of Content Strategy. He’s also a technical reviewer of Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy by The Rockley Group.