Linda Francis has been helping people understand their needs, and their customers’ needs and aspirations, for a long time. She has a reputation for comprehensive designs and strategies that reflect her empathy for people and awareness of the disciplines and functional areas that are woven into a person’s experience.

Linda is the kind of hybrid consultant combining UX, CX and Business Analysis that today’s business world needs to shift their culture toward continuous improvement and human-centered design. After graduating in the field of Graphic Arts back in the 70’s, Linda has been creating a positive impact with medium to large enterprises, public and private sectors and non-profits helping them to understand their own needs and desires and those of their customers. Linda is fluent in the language of UX and CX and is able to deliver designs that reflect her understanding and to marshal the development and user research necessary to deliver a high-quality product that hits the mark with both customers and the company providing the product or service. She is also steeped in the ways of business analysis and applies these talents, in a collaborative and agile way. Using a coaching style, Linda gently guides companies strategically to shift toward a company-wide lean, agile and human-centered approach and plays a change agent role, helping companies achieve the benefits of continuous improvement. Linda’s motto is,”Don’t tell them what they can’t do, help them learn how to do what their customers (users) want them to do.”