For the three decades since it was founded in Paris, Lexcelera has helped some of the world’s best companies to communicate globally. As translation technology has advanced, Lexcelera has taken the lead and is known for pioneering technologies that deliver world-class service efficiency and translation quality. Today Lexcelera has established translation offices on three continents. By connecting talents with technology, Lexcelera makes global easy.

The first of Lexcelera’s translation offices was founded in Paris, France in 1986 by Canadian Lori Thicke, who recognized that high-quality translation was the key to helping companies win new international markets. In 1992 Lori Thicke was joined in the company’s ownership structure by Ros Smith-Thomas, a native of the United Kingdom.

In 1993, Lexcelera began its decades-long commitment to corporate social responsibility by founding what would become the world’s largest translation charity, Translators without Borders.

With a commitment to excellence, Lexcelera became the first translation services company in France to achieve ISO 9001:2000 quality certification. In 2006 the company anchored that commitment in its corporate identity, changing its original name – Eurotexte – to Lexcelera to reflect the guarantee of Language Excellence Accelerated.

With growing international demand for its services, in 2007 Lexcelera opened a London office with a specialization in the localization of software and websites. In 2011 LexWorks was established in Vancouver to offer SMART (Secure Machine-Assisted Rapid Translation), a pioneering human-optimized machine translation service. In 2012 and 2013 Lexcelera established production offices in Buenos Aires and Singapore to give customers 24-hour service availability.