Today’s current economy is tough. You need help, but you don’t need (or can’t afford) a full-time employee. Call us to see if we have the solution you need, whether it’s web hosting and website design, creating new or editing existing documents, or building new or upgrading computers or installing networks (in the Lynn, MA area).

We provide the following services:

  • Web hosting through JTF Hosting. You’ll get answers to your questions, along with great customer service…we answer the phones and emails, not someone in a far-away data center.
  • Web design. We create search-engine friendly, accessible websites that meet W3C standards.
  • Writing and editing. Need a temporary employee? We provide writing, editing, indexing, content management, topic-based authoring, project management, file conversions, and training services…it’s like having an extra experienced employee without the overhead.
  • Microsoft Word templates. We create optimized stable usable Word templates for any deliverable: books, articles, user documentation, theses, etc. Never fight with numbering again!
  • Outsourced IT department (near Lynn, Mass.). Need a new computer? Want to fix your old one? Need help connecting your network? Contact Jim, who will either provide what you need or will tell you where to get the best deals.