Ever since he was a small child trying to understand his Italian grandfather at the dinner table, James Romano has been trying to unravel the mysteries of languages and cultures. For thirty years now, his company, Prisma International, has been helping clients communicate with their global customers, audiences, and users.

James works with an amazing team of professionals to help companies engage, communicate with and grow their global customers. His passion is to serve up a flawless content experience: the right content presented to the right user in the right language and channel(s) at the right time. When language and technology are executed flawlessly, we are invisible: only the meaningful content experience shines through.

Despite having been in practice for 30 years, James believe that only today matters. Prisma draws from years of experience, but we act like a start-up. Our culture might be summed up as having “a quiet sense of urgency.” Well, not always quiet.

James also believe in the Power of Culture, or more specifically, Cultures. Content is not some sterile technical inform ion, or a canned marketing pitch, but a culturally-resonant message that engages each of us deeply and meaningfully. Harnessing the power of culture to engage customers in a brand experience can be a great thing, and if done well, shows respect and sensitivity for the target culture, which reflects back positively on the brand.