The Intelligent Content Conference was founded in 2009 by Ann Rockley, President of The Rockley Group and co-produced by Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler. They teamed up to help content-heavy organizations find better ways to create, manage and deliver content. The right content. To the right audience. Anywhere. Anytime. On any device. A lofty goal. But one that is achievable if you know the secrets. In June of 2014, Content Marketing Institute acquired ICC with the goal of taking ICC and awareness around intelligent content to the next level.

Intelligent Content Conference (ICC), is an annual gathering of the best and brightest content professionals on the planet. People who know the secrets (and are willing to share them). People who value content as a business asset. People who have made it their life’s work to develop repeatable, systematic approaches to producing amazingly effective content. Content that is produced in the most efficient way possible. Content that leverages the power of math and science. Content that is informed by the wisdom and creative genius of content marketers, content strategists, technical communicators, customer experience advocates, support personnel, software developers, information architects, data scientists, change managers, process engineers, translators, localizers, and accessibility evangelists. Content that works for both the organization that creates it and for the audience for which it was created.