Linda Francis is a Canadian living in Santa Cruz, California, with a long career in the business world designing and creating experiences for customers and employees. Now she wants to live passionately and follow her calling to help animals survive and thrive. Serving animals and the people who care about them is the muse that fills Linda with inspired ideas for making her difference in the world. She is on that path: the mindful, grateful, and scary one that calls for taking risks, speaking the truth and learning something every day. Time for her to take her visions and solidify them, make them real, walk-the-walk and truly live with no regrets.

Linda’s company, 360c, means, “there are customers (people spending time, money or influence with you) all around you.” Launching into the unknown, confident that with her heart in the right place, her desire to be of service and her desperate hope to save millions of animals from extinction and cruelty, good will come. Linda would be delighted if you chose to travel with her for a while.