Profound and accelerating change is coming to the content world. New ways of thinking about content—how we create, manage, translate, and deliver it—are required to take advantage of the fast-approaching artificial intelligence revolution. The traditional methods we have used to produce content for the past few decades are no longer sufficient. Content is a business asset that must be prepared—and delivered—with business goals, customer needs, and the requirements of technology in mind.

Enter Information Development World: Creating Machine-Ready Content

Information Development World (IDW) is the conference for technical, marketing, and product information managers—the folks responsible for managing the people, processes, and technologies involved in creating exceptional customer experiences with content. IDW takes place November 28-30 at the Quadrus Conference Center in Menlo Park, California, the heart of Silicon Valley venture-capital land.

There’s nothing like IDW. Not even close.

IDW is an intimate, three-day, laser-focused, guided journey designed to prepare you for the coming artificial intelligence revolution. We bring together an impressive roster of knowledgeable content professionals—innovators, artists, scientists, engineers, academics, and business leaders—in one big room and take you step-by-step through the topics that matter.

Shorter sessions. Laser-focused. No nonsense. No amateurs. No meaningless blabber.

What you will learn.

Your guided journey begins with a focus on the business activities, processes, competencies, and tools required to take full advantage of chatbots, voice interfaces, and intelligent agents. Each day has a specific focus and is divided into bite-sized chunks, making it easy for you to have a-ha moments. Daily mini-workshops help you identify next steps you’ll need to prepare your content for the future.

November 28, 2017—Understanding Chatbots

  • LEARN — what chatbots are, how they work, what they can do for you (and for your prospects and customers)
  • SEE — chatbots in action; discover ways to use chatbots to deliver engaging content experiences
  • UNDERSTAND — why you need content strategy to support chatbots and the creation of conversational content
  • DO — learn from those who are working in the trenches; attend mini-workshops designed to get you thinking differently about content

November 29, 2017—Understanding Voice Interfaces

  • LEARN — what voice interfaces are, how they work, what they can do for you (and for your prospects and customers)
  • HEAR — case studies and voice interfaces in action; discover practical use cases for voice interfaces
  • UNDERSTAND — how to develop and implement a content strategy that supports conversational content
  • DO — learn from those who are working in the trenches; attend mini-workshops get you started in the right direction

November 30, 2017—Understanding Agentive Technologies

  • LEARN — what agentive technologies are and why they’re needed; discover how to become AI-driven
  • HEAR — from machine learning, intelligent content, and artificial intelligence thought leaders
  • UNDERSTAND — the impact of neuroscience on successful chatbot, voice interface, and agentive technology solutions
  • DO — learn to write for emotional response, incorporate conversational content into existing intelligent content models; attend mini-workshops with industry experts with deep expertise in the topics that matter most

Who should attend?

IDW is designed to serve the needs the people who plan, create, design, manage, translate, prepare, and deliver content to the prospects, customers, systems, devices and other machines that need it. The conference will be particularly valuable for those whose job it is to create exceptional customer experiences with content.

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