Audiences will forget most of the content you present and the little they remember is random. Using neuroscience-based guidelines (brain science) helps you to master with precision what audiences take away from your content and what they are willing to do with it.

During this full-day workshop, Dr. Carmen Simon of Rexi Media will dive deep into brain science techniques and teach you how to direct an audience’s attention to what counts, ensure your most important content is memorable, and make it easy for audiences to reach a decision in your favor.

You will work on your own content, and leave with practical skills you can apply immediately to any type of communication material.

Specifically, will learn how to:

  • Identify three essential criteria for a memorable message
  • Master brain science techniques to capture and sustain attention, and avoid the most common errors that lead to forgettable content
  • Implement a key technique that is missing in most business presentations to change an audience’s behavior
  • Apply a 5-step, sure-fire persuasive script to spark action

Register: Use Brain Science to Control What People Remember
Where:  Mark Hopkins Hotel- San Francisco
When: May 20th 8:00-5:00 pm

About the instructor, Dr. Carmen Simon
Dr. Carmen Simon is an experienced cognitive scientist, published author, and a frequent keynote speaker at conferences in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. She holds doctorates in instructional technology and cognitive psychology, and uses her knowledge to offer presenters a flashlight and a magnet: one to call attention to what’s important in a message, the other to make it stick to the audience’s brain so they can act on it. Carmen’s presentation brain science coaching helps business professionals motivate listeners and stand out from too much sameness in the industry.