By Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler It’s time to think differently about content. Instead of throwing more resources at content problems — a typical solution for many organizations — or inventing another quick fix that solves a singular challenge but creates additional problems downstream, we need a more strategic approach.

We need a formal, repeatable, systematic way of producing content intentionally designed to support us today — and in the future. We need a method that will allow us to strip away all of the productivity-zapping, unnecessary (and expensive) tasks that prevent us from being efficient. And, we need an approach that will allow us to focus on creating high quality content experiences at every customer touchpoint without breaking the bank.

What we need is intelligent content.

That’s why Ann Rockley, Charles Cooper, and myself set out to write our latest book, Intelligent Content: A Primer. Part of The Content Wrangler series of Content Strategy books from XML Press, this short, easy-to-read book is jam-packed with our combined knowledge and experience, plus dozens of footnotes and references to back up our assertions. It’s a great resource for those seeking to understand what intelligent content is (and what it isn’t), how it works, the benefits, the objectives, the challenges, and how to get started.

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