If you missed The Content Wrangler Virtual Summit on Advanced Technical Communication Practices, you’re in luck. You can watch the recordings on-demand, whenever you like. This session was delivered by Joe Jenkins, Oberon Technologies.

The world is constantly moving faster and faster. People are no longer willing to wait or read significant amounts of content in order to find out how to do something or get answers to their questions. They take the shortest route to the solution – if they cannot get the information quickly they tend to ignore the information and try to figure it out on their own.

However, most technical information is still delivered in archaic book-like formats that require the user to traverse and interpret more content than they need in order to get their answers. If you want your content to serve its purpose, you have to adapt it to this fast-paced world.

Companies have significant investments in the creation and maintenance of content that is never used. Not because it is not useful or relevant but because the content is not presented in a way that is useful to the end user. Companies are so locked into the paradigm of presenting content in a book format that they adapt the technology to this paradigm rather than adapting the content to technology.

Watch this recorded webinar and discover how you can leverage your investment in structured content to deliver content that is highly targeted, personalized, dynamic and interactive. Discover how to enable your content to be delivered via more channels, including cloud-based publishing, on-demand publishing, and personalized mobile applications, to name just a few.

Slides: Intelligent Delivery Systems: Moving Beyond The Book Paradigm