A new technology from FotoNation automatically detects smiles in portrait photos taken by digital cameras and camera phones. Dubbed SmileCheck, the new technology is being debuted at the 2008 Photo Marketing Association Convention, January 31-February 2, 2008 in Las Vegas.

How Does SmileCheck Work?

By monitoring the video preview stream in the cameras during framing, SmileCheck looks first for faces in the scene of the photo. Once faces are detected, the software looks for facial features associated with smiles.

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According to FotoNation, “SmileCheck enables a new type of picture taking mode called ‘Smile Shutter’ in digital cameras. Once the camera’s trigger button is depressed, the shutter is not engaged until smiles are detected on all faces within the frame, ensuring photos with all smiles. Markets for this new technology include high volume portrait studios, school and event photographers, and identity photography, such as passports and badge ID cards for simplifying workflow.”

“SmileCheck is part of FotoNation’s growing embedded facial analysis solutions. By offering the industry better tools for understanding of the content of images, such as information about the people in photographs, we can enhance the overall picture taking experience,” said Eran Steinberg, CEO of FotoNation, Inc.

Interested in learning more about SmileCheck and FotoNation? Check out Robert Scoble’s interview with FotoNation CEO, Eran Steinberg and VP of Marketing, Eric Zarakov.