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There are lots of winners associated with the iPhone. Sure, Apple is a big winner. No doubt about that. Increased profits. A chance to attract new customers, folks who might also consider purchasing other Apple products, like Apple TV or a Macintosh computer.

Of course, AT&T are big winners, too. Over 40% of the folks who have bought iPhones thus far are new AT&T customers. This means that more than half a million customers switched from another carrier to AT&T. A quick peek at the long distance rate plans for iPhone and a some quick math, and it’s easy to see why the company is reporting a 42% increase in profits for the third quarter of 2007 compared to the same period last year.

The biggest winners are consumers. Not just the folks who have bought the iPhone to date. But all consumers. Why? Because, as Time Magazine said in an article in which it dubbed the device, Invention of the Year:

“It will make other phones better.”

In fact, if you haven’t yet grasped the importance of this device and its game-changing design, do yourself a favor and check out the Apple iPhone website and watch the guided tour. Of course, while seeing is believing, touching is much better. So, if you are near an Apple Store (they are design marvels of their own), stop in for a personal demonstration of the iPhone.