While Adobe Flash technology indeed provides web experience developers with the ability to create high-quality, rich media content, the technology also introduces some security concerns about which you may be unaware.

According to the InformIT Security Reference Guide, there are security concerns about which we should be aware when utilizing Adobe Flash technology. “While there is no denying the visual attractiveness of this technology,” say Cyrus Peikari and Seth Fogie, creators of the Reference Guide, “there have been and still are numerous security related threats that should be understood before using Flash.”

“Unfortunately, not many people know that Flash has these issues and as such, marketers are using Flash to bypass the cookie blockers, Peikari and Fogie write. “In addition, your sensitive data is at risk if you use a website that stores data in the Flash store that you do not know is there. … So, if this is new to you, take it to heart and spread the word — your Flash cache can come back to haunt you.”

If you are new to Flash technology, you can learn more about it by visiting the Flash Design Center.

To learn more about disabling Flash cookies in FireFox, check out 10 Tips to Bolster Your Privacy (from Security-Hacks.com).