Jessica Hupp has published an excellent list of her Top 100 User-Centered Blogs. It’s a great list and includes some of our favorite bloggers and blogs. The list is divided into categories: The Top Ten, Accessibility, Human Computer Interaction, Web Standards, User-Experience and Interaction, User-Centered Design, and User-Centered Writing and Content.

Publishing “Top 100” lists is not only interesting to readers who may find the content valuable, but it also helps blogs—in this case,—get noticed by search engines like Google. By publishing a “Top 100”, is likely to receive high page rankings based on relevancy. This strategy relies on reciprocal hypertext links (I link to your site and you link to mine) and works something like this. You publish a “Top 100” list. Then, alert the owner of each site you included on your “Top 100” list. Most of these folks will likely visit your site—and if they like what they see—they’ll leave a comment (“Hey, thanks for including me on your list…”). They’ll also blog about the fact that they made your “Top 100” and will link their readers back to your blog.

No mater what the motivation, Hupp’s list is a good one. Make sure to check out the blogs in her “Top 10”.