’Globalization’ is the new buzz word, but what does this mean for a technical writer in the production of user documentation? In possession of specific skills, natural curiosity, and design abilities, technical writers are in a unique position to ensure their organization delivers information to a global audience that is accurate, consistent, and appropriate for local audiences. The efficient delivery of documentation is not the issue; instead, it is the efficient delivery of correct information across all content creators within the organization that is at stake. Technical writers are part of a larger organization due to hierarchical reporting structure. This silo approach does not encourage interactivity with other departments, leaving technical writers to wonder who is reviewing information that Marketing, Customer Support or Sales content. How can a technical writer affect change across the organization?

Christie Fidura, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Terminology Solutions at SDL answered this question and more at her presentation at DocTrain East 2007, in Lowell, MA.