Inmedius has announced the acquisition of the DITA Storm wiki from LogPerspective. DITA Storm, a DITA editing tool that enables authors to easily create DITA-compliant content in WYSIWYG mode regardless of their DITA XML knowledge.

From the press release: “There are very few truisms in business, but certainly one of them is having the brightest people who create innovative and useful products to drive a successful company,” stated Gary L. Schaffer, President and CEO, Inmedius. “DITA Storm fills an important void in the current market between the legacy XML companies, including Adobe® (Nasdaq: ADBE) and PTC® (Nasdaq: PMTC) Arbortext product lines. In each case, these companies have excellent products, but the barriers to entry for new authors, engineers, or even expert users to create technical documentation are very high. We feel that DITA Storm’s browser-based platform with WYSIWYG-authoring is a winning strategy to greatly expand the adoption rates of the DITA XML standard. This newly acquired authoring platform fits perfectly with our strategic vision of creating XML-based solutions.”