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NetReach has introduced cmScribe PressRoom; a pre-designed, pre-configured online media room designed with content and feature-rich functionality that is tailored for PR and Marketing Professionals. It offers users the ability to interact with the media via blogs, news releases, syndication of content using RSS, access to photos, and the ability to easily create and manage content.

David Meerman Scott, an online thought leader and viral marketing strategist notes that “Online Media Rooms are an important part of an effective media relations strategy. Done well, a good Online Media Room will turn journalists who are just browsing into interested writers who highlight your organization positively in stories. However, the vast majority of Web sites and most Online Media Rooms fail to deliver compelling content. Sure they may look pretty, but often the design and graphics are in the forefront, not the content that journalists require.”

The hosted, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, priced at $99 per month, is based on NetReach’s proprietary web-based content management system, cmScribe. The suite of tools included in the PressRoom CMS package is geared towards helping organizations and individuals enhance their media relations efforts.

The cmScribe PressRoom offers a clean, functional design in several color choices with outstanding flexibility in site architecture; allowing non-technical users to add, delete, edit and rearrange pages. The PressRoom provides users with 24/7 control and self-sufficiency in managing their web content; enabling them to publish without reliance on third parties or internal IT resources. All IT infrastructure requirements, security, hosting, license fees and software maintenance updates and upgrades are included in the package; the only user requirement is a live internet connection and a browser. Each subscriber may have unlimited hands-on-users of the PressRoom CMS software.

cmScribe PressRoom includes the following functionalities:

  • Dated news items & archive
  • Blogs
  • User forms
  • RSS and social media enabled
  • Integrated email newsletter & marketing
  • Press contact and kit
  • Photo gallery (thumbnail and high resolution)
  • Google analytics

In addition, users can easily upload PDFs, text, presentation and other documents, as well as video and audio files for download.

Learn more about cmScribe PressRoom.