“If Adobe plans to succeed in the enterprise, “ Dan Ortega, VP at Astoria Software, “they have to take a much broader view of how technical documentation teams work by moving beyond the creation perspective. They need to adopt a perspective that encompasses the entire production cycle which, by default, means they need to incorporate a robust, muscular content management system that is delivered on-demand and optimized for rich media. Once they make this leap, they will move from ruling the desktop to ruling the documentation production flow.”

Ortega brings up several weaknesses in Adobe’s current approach…weakness that could easily be corrected and position the software giant to enter the content management and delivery arena, a much bigger arena where Adobe could position itself as a leader. Ortega, writing in CMSWire, says he thinks Adobe needs to take a much broader look at how technical documentation teams work by moving beyond the content creation perspective. Doing so, Ortega says, will help Adobe move away from the desktop software model of the past.

“What is required is full visibility into the documentation production process for teams that may be spread out across 24 time zones, operating in 30 languages, and delivering documentation to over 100 countries,” Ortega says. “The desktop-centric model just doesn’t work in this context.”

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