Visual Literacy has produced a remarkable visualization resource you’ll want to check out. It’s called the Periodic Table of Visualization Methods, an interactive graphic that utilizes the periodic table of elements model to help you better understand the various types of visual models you might want to employ.

Visual models included in the table:

  • Data visualization – a visual representation of quantitative data in schematic form
  • Information visualization – the use of interactive visual representations of data to amplify cognition
  • Concept visualization – methods to elaborate (mostly) qualitative concepts, ideas, plans
  • Strategy visualization – systematic use of complimentary visual representations in the analysis, development, formulation, communication, and implementation of strategies in organizations
  • Metaphor visualization – positioning of information geographically for purposes of organization and structure; also conveys insight through the metaphor selected
  • Compound visualization – different graphic representation formats used together

Check out the Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

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