We’ve been invited to present at the upcoming European Colloquium for User-friendly Product Information, March 19 in Brussels, Belgium. Scott Abel of TheContentWrangler.com will present “The Evolution of Technical Communication: Making the Move to Content Management”. This is an exciting event for us because it supports the increasing recognition that technical writing professionals must change. They must learn new skills and adopt new ways of thinking. They must avoid the “cost center” mentality and move past the organizational silence that has plagued our discipline for far too long.

Why do European technical communication organizations care about content management?

According to the organizers, “The times when Technical Communicators were only technical writers who sat alone at their desks writing plain manuals are long gone. Nowadays, they are rather managers at the intersection of a large number of areas and tasks ranging from product development to sales and marketing, public relations as well as after-sales services. Information architecture and design, content management, product data management, terminology, indexing and localization are only some of the numerous related areas that Technical Communicators are involved with or have to interact with.”

Who Should Attend?

Attendance at the event is free. Usability experts, IT, content management, marketing and public relations professionals, translators and localizers, product developers and designers, process managers, quality managers, information architects, terminologists and indexers. Basically, anyone involved in the creation of technical content.


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