In the January issue of Content Management Professionals newsletter, Ann Rockley shares her thoughts on the recent Forrester Wave Report: Content Centric Applications, Q1 2006 and discusses her views on a category of software tools she calls Component Content Management Systems (CCMS). What is CMMS, you ask? According to the article, “Component Content Management systems manage content at a granular level (component) of content rather than at the document level. Each component represents a single topic, concept or asset (e.g., image, table). Components are assembled into multiple content assemblies (content types) and can be viewed as components or as traditional “documents”. Each component has its own lifecycle (owner, version, approval, use) and can be tracked individually or as part of an assembly. CCM is typically used for multichannel customer-facing content (marketing, usage, learning, support). CCM can be a separate system or be a functionality of another content management type (e.g., ECM or WCM).