Ever wonder why you can’t use a code management system to manage tech pubs content? Need to understand why a relational database can’t keep pace with an XML content management system? Want to know the pros and cons of open source systems? And, what about that new Microsoft SharePoint release? Can’t we just use that, after all, we already own it? If these questions seem frighteningly familiar, you are not alone. Chip Gettinger uncovers the answers to these and many other pressing tech pubs content management questions in his interview with Eric Kuhnen entitled, XML Content Management Systems: Are They Are Right For Technical Publications?

Here’s the summary: “As more and more technical publications teams make the move to content management, it’s important to examine and understand the difference between relational database and object-oriented XML content management systems. Determining which type of system will work best for you depends on several factors. In this Astoria Blogs interview with Eric Kuhnen, Director of Product Management for Astoria Software, we’ll help you understand which type of system is most appropriate for managing granular, topic-based technical documentation and we’ll explore the reasons why one type of system is more desirable than another.”