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We nearly jumped out of our seats when we heard that you had won! The crew at Time Magazine noticed how hard you—our readers—worked this year making the world wide web a more useful place to find information. That’s why they decided to give “You” a proper thank you in the form of their coveted “Person of the Year” award. For outstanding netizenship and, more specifically, for rating DVDs on NetFlix, reviewing books and creating lists on, uploading PowerPoint presentations on SlideShare, leaving feedback on eBay, contributing your subject matter expertise on Wikipedia, spreading the good word about conferences and other events at Confabb, and uploading videos and other multi-media files to YouTube, you deserve this honor more than any other influential people on the planet. In fact, if you’re like many of your fellow Netizens, this past year you spent considerable time creating content of value to others. Even the act of leaving a comment in response to an article on this blog makes you part of the user generated content movement. Be proud. Find a place to display your award. You earned it.

Now, go create some more content.