In this Astoria Software blog post, content management and technical communication maven Joan Lasselle chats with Chip Gettinger about content development and the expanding role content management is playing in the creation of content in the semiconductor industry. Lasselle says, “In the past, companies have focused their efforts on the manufacturing side of the business to drive down costs. Now they are looking at other, previously unrealized areas for cost reduction—primarily efficiencies made possible through standardization, structure, process improvements, and the elimination of manual tasks.”

Lasselle continues by adding, “Looking for ways to improve product documentation management, lower documentation costs, and extend the cost savings outside the fab cannot be overlooked in a business environment that is truly global and cost-sensitive. Content management systems (CMS) are becoming more of a requirement because companies are realizing that all of the tasks involved in creating and managing product documentation, specifications, and datasheets figure into the calculation of total product cost.”