Members of the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) have requested the creation of a discussion list regarding a possible new OASIS DITA S1000D Interoperability Technical Committee. The OASIS discussion list is intended to facilitate an effort to graft S1000D type modules onto the DITA type hierarchy. The result could yield content that’s completely interoperable and provides a relatively good transform target (because of similar semantics and structure). This approach will have significant long-term benefits toward interoperability of content and authoring tools between the two standards. DITA is an OASIS XML markup standard designed for topic-based authoring and re-use. It is also designed for interoperability, with a highly flexible specialization mechanism.

Editor’s note:  According to Scott’y Engineering Blog, Scott Hudson “kicked off” the new discussion list. Anyone may subscribe to this list in order to discuss the merits and possibility of the proposed project. The list is now open, and can be joined by sending a message to: