The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) has announced the creation of the DITA Machine Industry Subcommittee to “help to galvanize the role of DITA specializations across industries that have common issues for hardware-related description.” According to OASIS, the group plans to:

  1. Develop a design for structured, intent-based authoring of content tailored to the needs in the machine industry (e.g., hazard

    statements, special task types for preventive, corrective, predictive and condition based maintenance)
  2. Establish guidelines that promote best practices for applying standard DITA approaches to the needs in the machine industry (language reference, user guide, training material).

The group will work to develop DITA DTDs schemas and processing, and pilot/validate the top-level designs against sample content. They will work on embedding the sample DTDs, schemas and sample documents into the DITA-OT (Toolkit) demo section for field tests and feedbacks.