There are times when making a PDF file seems a bit like jumping through a series of flaming hoops. When you are using a computer at a hotel, conference center, or other public access site, or for those times when your computer—for whatver reasons—will not allow you to make a PDF file, we’ve got a solution. Point your web browser to Adobe’s Create Adobe® PDF Online service. This nifty online PDF service bureau can help you:

  • create and publish reports, spreadsheets, and resumes for distribution to colleagues or clients
  • distribute schedules, maps, and calendars as PDF files
  • archive Web sites for easy reference and research
  • turn scanned paper documents into searchable Adobe PDF files

You can even add Create Adobe PDF Online to your list of printers and convert documents to Adobe PDF right from your Mac or PC. Your first five file conversions are free. After that, the online service costs 9.99 a month. Start converting!