Today is the unofficial launch of our new website. The design team at is busy testing functionality, responding to reports from site visitors, and making improvements based on your feedback. So, please take a loook around this work in progress and let us know what is and isn’t working, what is confusing, what you like/dislike. We’ll do our best to resppond to your needs.

Notes: The “browse by category” topic-based navigation at the right (in blue) is still being developed. Content is being recategorized to reflect this mdel and users should expect this functionality to yield less-than-useful results today. Also, the “Events” list (on the left in green) includes a “browse by category” functionality powered by AJAX. When working properly this list should allow the user to filter out event content not of interest to them by drilling down to relevant events by topic. Some users report problems using teh events filtering functionality.

More to come. Stay tuned.