Constantine Hondros, a software developer who creates online and print content for a major software vendor, writes about moving to the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) in this O’Reilly blog post, Going DITA. Hondros says he is currently working on a project involving DITA and plans to share his lessons learned via his blog as the project moves forward.

Hondros on DITA: DITA provides “a set of thoughtfully designed, extendable DTDs and the tools to publish conforming documents to multiple channels. As the current surge in interest attests, it can make the process of adopting single-source publishing an easier pill to swallow.”

Hondros provides a good introduction to DITA and explains why the popular documention standard is such a big deal. The article is jargon heavy, so if you find terms you’re not familiar with, try looking them up in wikipedia.