If you’ve been worried you’ll be replaced by overseas competition, think again. You’re biggest competitor may just be a baboon. Humans and higher primates are a lot alike. Not only do we share approximately 97% of the same DNA, we also share the ability to program in Visual Basic. Recent research in primate programming suggests software development is a task that most higher primates can easily perform. Skilled primate labor can allegedly perform code maintenance and report writing for as little as 45 cents (US) per hour. Find out what the folks at Primate Programming Inc. are up to.

This post has created quite a stir. If it left you scratching your head, you weren’t alone. The folks at Primate Programming Inc. have a great sense of humor. The site is actually bogus (duh!) and meant for enjoyment pruposes only. However, their e-commerce site is for real and the merchandise offered (calendars, golf shirts, etc.) is available today. Perfect gifts for IT pros who know a good joke when they see one. Check out the latest news about the hoax, its repercussions and more at the PPI insider’s blog.